Package and ingredients



Natural hog and beef casings

 Natural casings (varius types) in ranged diameter.

Колбасные оболочки 

Artificial casings

Casings for all kinds of boiled, blood and liver sausage, ham, paste, zets, fish sausage, melted cheese etc.

  • polyamide (smoke-tight)
  • polyamide (smoke-permeable)
  • collagen (проницаемые)


Stranded strings of different materials, used for binding smoked products and applying marks on sausage:

  • cotton;
  • jute;
  • linen.




  • Phosphate compounds "Myfos" and "Myfos 66"
  • Food phosphate mixtures type "POLIFAN A-extra" and "POLIFAN A-extra K";
  • Natural red colorizer "Carmine" liquid and dry;
  • Liquid colorizer "Annato - extract" Е160b;
  • Cytric acid, erythorbate - sodium;
  • Sodium cytrate, acetate sodium;
  • Guar gum;
  • Sodium glutamate
  • Vegetable and animal proteine;
  • Cellulose
  • Soy proteine isolate
  • Sodium three-polyphosphate
  • Carrageenan
  • Monoglyceride