Unitary enterprise «Belmyasprominvest»

Company was established in 2001. Its main business is providing complex service for Belorussian enterprises specialized in meat and poultry processing.

On of the principle fields of the company is producing a wide range of food additives and supplying domestic market with all necessary natural and artificial casings for sausage manufacturing.

UE «Belmyasprominvest» is also recognized as one of the principal supplier of other food ingredients and packing materials for meat industry.

Company's assortiment include:

  • food additives МАСТЕР ФЛЯЙШ™
  • natural casings (hog, beef);
  • collagen and polyamide sausage casings;
  • nets for manufacturing smoked products;
  • spices and herbs for wholesale and HoReCa;
  • antioxydant, emulsifyer, stabilizer, colorants;
  • clips, loops, cotton and jute cord.

For the purpose of complex supplying of clients in Belarus, in 2003 company started production of compound food additives, ground spices and spice mixtures, spice decours and marinades for food industry МАСТЕР ФЛЯЙШ™

Modern technology, effective environmental-friendly ingredients and high creative capacity of our technological division altogether allow us offer market new additives for any possible kind of meat product.

Usage of МАСТЕР ФЛЯЙШ™ additives allows our clients reach the following effect:

  • enrich the flavor of meat products with spices and herbs;
  • enlarge the output of meat materials;
  • allow quality colour;
  • lower risk of hydrops when using smoke-tight casings;
  • enlarge stability of повышения стабильности качества при хранении мясопродуктов;
  • improve the looks of sausage and other products;
  • allow producers make their goods competitive.

Company mission: satisfy tastes of consumers of ready-made meat products.

Company aims:

  • supply meat-processing factories with high-quality spices and herbs, allowing them inreach flavour range of the ready products;
  • maintain and make sustained competitivness of supplied goods;
  • study the dynamics of the consumer market of meat products and food ingredients;
  • widen range of goods, introduce new food additives, artificial casings and packing materials;
  • complex research of the market of meat products in the CIS;
  • implement quality technical support of the produced additives;
  • widen market presence in Belarus, Russia and European Union and other international markets.

New production line

In the year 2014 a brand-new new production line based on supreme Taiwaneese equipment was maintained in Stolbtsy region, just 700 meters far from M1 road.

Installed equipments' output allows company render wide range of services in the field of spices and herbs production, suitable for any kind of business branch:

  • spice grinding;
  • sifting, removing of foreign substances;
  • removing metallic particles;
  • separation and fractionation;
  • packing in bigger or smaller sachs;
  • marketing research;
  • other services.

Equipment line allows company produce spice compounds and marinades packed for retail and HoReCa: small bags or plastic twist-off jar (250 ml). Production output capacity - 10 tons per day. Production is HACCP-certified.

Company has in its possession transport for promt product shipment to customers.